The Secret Footprints

Author: Julia Alvarez
Illustrator: Fabian Negrin
Publisher: Dragonfly Books
Publication Date: September 10th 2002
Genre: Folklore — Dominican Republic
Audience: Gr. K-3

A beautifully illustrated story of the ‘Ciguapa’ tribe. The Ciguapa people lived most of their lives in caves except at night when they came out to hunt for food. In order to keep themselves a secret from humans, they were born with their feet on backwards so that nobody could follow their path. One daring, young Ciguapa girl wants to find out what humans are really like. This story tells of her experience and how her secret was almost released.

After reading the book, have students share stories, folktales, or folklore that they may have heard or that may have been passed down in their family. Ask the students to bring in a story the next day and show them all the different types of folklore that there are.

Reviewer’s Name:
Emily Adams