Author/Illustrator: David Wiesner
Publisher: Clarion Books
Publication Date: 2006
Awards: Caldecott Medal
Genre: Fiction wordless picture
Audience: Gr. K+

Overview: While digging for crabs, a wave sweeps the boy off his feet and deposits an underwater camera on the sand in front of him. He then has the film developed and is captivated by what he finds. The most intriguing is a picture of a girl holding a picture of a boy holding a picture of another child and so on. Ultimately, he tosses the camera back into the sea, where it's carried away by various creatures until it again washes ashore for a new child to find.

Activity: After reading the book, the teacher can walk the children through a story map. This will be significant because the teacher can emphasize the fact that this activity can still be accomplished even though there are no words in the story at all. Children could identify characters plot, problem, attempts, solution and conclusion. Another activity could be to assign the children to create words for this wordless picture book- this can be done alone as a project, or together as group work.

Reviewer’s Name: Laura Rickus