Ace Lacewing: Bug Detective

Author/Illustrator: David Biedrzycki
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Publication Date: 2005
Genre: fiction – picture book
Audience: Gr. 1-5

Don’t let this story drive you buggy. BEE a honey and fly through a mystery, insect style. The story doesn’t drone on, but flutters through quick wit and the time honored detective ace. So wrap yourself in a cocoon as you sprout your detective wings. Buzz right in, pile up the clues and puns in this fun, play on the mystery story. A sequel is in the works!

Activity: Get into detective mode with Ace and see if you can collect clues faster than he does. What would you do to catch the kidnappers? What bug references can you find? Then have fun incorporating puns into your own writing.

Reviewer’s Name: Deb Marciano