Where in the Wild: Camouflaged Creatures Concealed… and Revealed

Author: David M. Schwartz
Publisher: Tricycle Press
Publication Date: 2007
Awards: 2008 BD&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books; John Burroughs Ass. Young Readers Award
Genre: Non-Fiction
Audience: Gr. K-4

Overview: In this exceptional integration of language, photography, and informational text, poetic verse introduces the animals hidden in their natural environments. These descriptive clues will lure readers into the intriguing photos to locate the camouflaged animal. With a flip of the page, each animal is highlighted against the photos’ backgrounds, where more information about the animal awaits.

Activity: Take students on a “grasshopper walk” lying on the sidewalk or field and looking at nature from a grasshopper’s perspective. Have students record the animals, insects, or other items they notice that blend into their surroundings.

Reviewer’s Name: Deb Marciano