Alphabet City

Author/Illustrator: Stephen T. Johnson
Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: 1995
Awards: Caldecott Honor Book
Genre: Wordless Picture Book
Audience: Gr. Pre-K+

Overview: This wordless picture book has incredibly unique, creative pictures. Each page has a picture of a typical city scene, but a letter of the alphabet is somehow included in this picture. It is a fun book to share with children and have them get excited about letters and the alphabet. Children will love going on a letter hunt and trying to find the letter that is on each page. This book is a winner in every way! It will challenge the way kids see the world around them, increasing visual literacy!

Activity: This book can be used in a name game or getting to know you game. Teachers can have their students raise their hands when the class gets to the page of the letter that begins the child’s first name or they can raise their hand every time the class reaches the page of a letter that is included in their first or last name. Children will enjoy having their own special page, or spelling out their name by using the pages.

Reviewer’s Name:
Sarah DeVan