In America’s Shadow

Author/Illustrator: Kimberly and Kaleigh Komatsu
Publisher: Thomas George Books
Publication Date: 2002
Awards: Rising Star Award, Legacy Book 2005, The Kiriyama Prize, Skipping Stones Honor Book, Benjamin Franklin Award, Book of the Year Award Finalist, and Carter G. Woodson Book Award.
Genre: Nonfiction
Audience: Gr. 4+ (Mature Readers)

Overview: A young girl, Aiko, leaves her whole life behind, and boards a train to Manzanar. This book describes her painful experiences she and many others suffered in the Japanese interment camps during World War II. The real black and white photographs make the book an incredible piece indeed.

Activity: Have students watch the movie, In America’s Shadow. Compare and contrast the movie and the book. Ask the students what one conveyed the most feelings, and why? Have groups share with the whole class.

Reviewer’s Name:
Amie Lauriello