When Marian Sang

Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 2002
Age: Gr. 3+
Genre: Biography
Awards: Robert F. Sibert Honor, Caldecott

Overview: Even as a child, Marian Anderson knew she wanted to spend her life singing. She had such a beautiful gift that members of her church encouraged her and raised money for her to take voice lessons with a prestigious voice coach. Facing racism in the U.S. Marian moved to Europe and became a legend overseas. When she finally returned to the United States, Marian was welcomed by most with open arms and invited to sing at the Lincoln Memorial. She also had a chance to sing with the Metropolitan Opera, her lifelong dream.

Activity: Marian’s neighborhood and church were a big help in her success. Have the students write about one of their goals and how others can help them achieve it.

Reviewers Name:
Sarah Bademan