Title: 20 Hungry Piggies
Author: Trudy Harris
Illustrator: Andrew N. Harris
Publisher: Millbrook Press Inc.
Publication Date: 2007
Genre: Picture Book/Concept Book
Audience: K-2

Overview: Trudy Harris creates an unpredictable predicament that these twenty little piggies need to get out of. While all the other piggies are out and about, one piggie is missing. When the big bad wolf shows up, it becomes a frantic situation. What are the piggies to do? One thing is for sure; nothing gets in the way of these little piggies eating. Read and find out what happens!

Activity: Assign each child a number. Have them create a character and a job for them to do. As you count up by ones, each child can add to the story by saying what their character was doing as the big bad wolf approached. At the end count, each character and see how many you have!

Reviewer’s Name: Julie Sherwood