Title: A Chair for My Mother
Author: Vera B. Williams
Publisher: Greenwillow Books, New York
Publication Date: 1982
Genre: Contemporary realistic fiction. Families
Audience: Gr. 1-2

Overview: A Chair for My Mother, is a moving story, about solidarity and love in which, a little girl, her mother, and grandmother, suffer a terrible material loss. The story talks about how in the passing of time their neighbors, friends and family, help them out to overcome this tragedy, and about their plan to get a new couch for their new house. This story can help children understand the importance of solidarity, sharing, and hard working in order to overcome tragedy. Children can also understand the importance of family during the hard times.

Activity: Have children write a brief reflection about what they think solidarity is, and make them give an example of their life when they have helped someone go through a difficult times.

Reviewer’s Name: Belen Ubeda