Title: Falling for Rapunzel
Author: Leah Wilcox
Publisher: G. P. Putman´s Sons
Publication Date: 2003
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Kindergarten and first grade

Overview: Falling for Rapunzel, is a hilarious adaptation of the original fairytale Rapunzel. It plays with words, and makes different silly but comical rhymes, which will keep the kids engaged throughout the story.

Activity: Divide the class in sections, and assign to each section a different activity. For section one, children should invent their own ending of the story. In section two, kids should pick their favorite part of the book and make them act it out. In the third section, have kids create different rhymes, for two or three different parts of the story. Finally, in the forth section, have kids draw and paint their favorite part of the story.

Reviewer’s Name: Belen Ubeda