Title: Herbert The Lion
Author/ Illustrator: Clare Turlay Newberry
Publisher: Smithmark
Publication Date: 1931
Awards: None
Genre: Non-Fiction
Audience: Gr. 2, 3

Sally has plenty of toys but she just doesn’t like any of them. All that Sally wants is a lion. So, one day, her mother brings her home a little lion cub. Sally names him Herbert. Herbert and Sally become best friends. They do everything together. Unfortunately, Sally’s grandmother, the milkman, the grocer, and the paper-boy are all afraid of Herbert. Eventually, Sally’s mother has to send Herbert to their ranch in the mountains. Will Sally and Herbert ever be reunited?

Have students decide what their dream pet would be. Tell them they could have any pet that they want! Have them write and illustrate a story of an adventure that they would go on with their dream pet.

Reviewer’s Name:
Tommy Kurtzman