Title: Imagine
Author: Norman Messenger
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Publication Date: 2005
Genre: Concept, Picture Book
Audience: All Ages

Overview: This imaginative, intriguing and inspirational book dares us to look past reality and into the world of our imaginations. Norman Messenger’s mysterious and magical notions keep the reader thinking about normal everyday things that might not be so normal. Through ingenious mind puzzles and humorous pictures, your mind will be circling with new ideas about your everyday world. Your imagination will sore and your thoughts will run wild as soon as you turn to the first page.

Activity: Throughout the book, in the corner of each page there are brain buster activities that go along with the ideas on that page. You can make each activity larger and display them to the whole class as a challenge for them to complete each one.

Reviewer’s Name: Julie Sherwood