Title: The Krazees
Author: Sam Swope
Illustrator: Eric Brace
Publisher: Douglas and McIntyre
Publication Date: 1997
Genre: Picture Book
Audience: K-2

Overview: On a cold and rainy day, a girl named Iggie finds herself being overcome by the thoughts of fidgets in her head! The fidgets come to life as the Krazees create messy havoc all throughout the house. With a burst of sunlight and the vanishing of the rain, the Krazees are finally gone and Iggie can play peacefully outside again!

Activity: Have a show and tell of everyone’s favorite things to do on a rainy day. They can bring in board games or even music they listen to. Read the stories on a rainy day so when recess comes around there are lots of things to do inside!

Reviewer’s Name: Julie Sherwood