Title: Lu and the Swamp Ghost
Author: James Carville, Patricia C. McKissack
Illustrator: David Catrow
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: 2004
Genre: Fiction, Picture Book
Audience: Gr. 3,4,5

Overview: What would you do if you met a swap ghost? Based of the life of James Carville’s mother, Lu and the Swap Ghost is a story that ties information about the Great Depression with the adventurous life of a southern girl named Lu. The story comes to a climax when Lu is left alone in a nearby swap, only to be confronted with the Swap Ghost! Surprisingly Lu becomes friends with the ghost…or, is a ghost at all?

Activity: In the book, Lu’s mom always says, “You’re never poor if you have a loving family and one good friend.” The students can tell the class about their best friend, or about one of their favorite family members, and what makes that person special.

Reviewer’s Name: Cailin Eisele