Title: Oyster Moon
Author: Margaret Meacham
Illustrator: Marcy Dunn Ramsey
Publisher: Tidewater Publishers
Publication Date: 1996
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Audience: Gr. 3, 4, 5

Overview: In the story, which is based on the Eastern Shore/Chesapeake Bay area, a fourteen-year-old girl named Anna Shipherd receives unusual letters from her twin brother, Toby, who has been gone at sea. The messages say mysterious things on them, which she later realizes relates to Toby’s friend, Otto, who has been mistreated to death. Throughout this intriguing story, Anna pieces the clues together in order to understand this mystery and later gain justice for Otto.

Activity: Have children do some research on the Chesapeake Bay and report their findings in groups through slideshow presentations, dividing up several categories of the Chesapeake Bay so each group has a different topic.

Reviewer’s Name: Camille McNeal