Title: Rapunzel
Author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Publisher: Dover Publishers
Publication Date: 1992
Genre: Traditional Fiction Fairy Tale
Audience: Gr. 3, 4, 5

Overview: An enchanting story about a husband and wife who long for a child but do not seem to be able to have one. A great witch told the man he was going to have a child, but that child would be given immediately to the witch. The man made the deal and when his beautiful daughter, Rapunzel, was born, she was given to the witch. The witch hid Rapunzel in a tower with no entrance; the only way to get into Rapunzel’s room was by climbing up her hair. One day, a prince was riding by and heard Rapunzel singing. He watched her for days and finally found out how to get up to her. Desperately wanting to get away from the witch, Rapunzel takes the prince’s offer of marriage until the witch finds out and decides to leave Rapunzel in the desert and kill the prince.

Activity: Have the children imagine that they were Rapunzel, stuck in a tower with only one visitor. What would they do to stay occupied? Would they try to escape? If so, how would they do this? Write a short story, or draw a picture, depicting how they would spend their time or what they would do to get away from the witch.

Reviewer’s Name: Krista Jensen