Title: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Author: Ann Brashares
Publisher: Random House
Awards: New York Time’s Best Seller
Publication Date: 2001
Genre: Young Adult
Audience: Gr. Young Adult

Overview: This is a wonderful story about coming of age, friendship, and adventure. Follow Carmen, Lena, Bridget, and Tibby as they find out what these magical pants can do for them and each other. Carmen goes through a change in her family dynamic where Lena finds out about her family history in Greece, along with a summer romance. Bridget finds herself wanting to grow up to fast in her experiences at soccer camp in Baja, California. And Tibby finds about the importance of life and how she should live each day to the fullest. A pair of thrift shop jeans guides these girls to discover themselves and the meaning of friendship with one another.

Activity: Have you had an experience that has helped you grow as a person? Was there a specific object or person that helped you grow or influenced you in a certain way? Write a paragraph about that.

Reviewer’s Name: Tara Hart