Title: The Teacher from the Black Lagoon
Author/ Illustrator: Mike Thaler/ Jared Lee
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 1989
Awards: None
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Gr. K, 1, 2

Overview: It is the first day of school and one can only hope that they don’t get Mrs. Green for a teacher. She is the scariest, most evil teacher in the world. Mrs. Green breathes fire, bites children in half, and even turns kids into frogs! Hopefully, it is possible to survive the first day of school with Mrs. Green, let alone the whole year. Who knows, she might not be as horrible as her reputation indicates.

Draw a picture of a teacher that is a real monster and a nice, caring teacher. Then, write a brief description why the one teacher is so horrible and the other one is so much better. Let the students share their picture and explanation with the class if they would like to.

Reviewer’s Name:
Tommy Kurtzman