Title: The Three Bears
Author: Kurt Nagahori
Publication Date: N/A
Genre: Wordless Picture Book
Audience: Gr. Pre-K-2

Overview: An enjoyable story about a little girl who goes on a walk through the woods and stumbles upon an empty house. Little does she know that the owners of the house have gone for a walk themselves and will be back soon. She decides to go into the empty house and have a look around. She sees three bowls of porridge, all different sizes, three different chairs, and three different beds. She tries all of the bowls of porridge, eating all of the one she likes the best; she sits in all of the chairs, breaking the smallest one by accident; and she tries all of the beds, napping in the one that is most comfortable. However, during her nap the owners of the house come back from their walk and the little girl gets a surprise when she wakes up.

Activity: A great activity for this book is to have the children pretend to be the little girl, or the baby bear from the story. If the child is pretending to be the little girl have him write a letter to the Bear family apologizing for all the trouble she caused. If the child is pretending to be the baby bear have him write a letter to the little girl saying that it was fine that she caused the trouble but how he wished that she had stayed to play with him.

Reviewer’s Name: Krista Jensen