The Umbrella

Author/Illustrator: Jan Brett

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Publication Date: 2004

Genre: Fiction picture book, science & nature

Audience: Gr. pre-k-3rd grade

Overview: As usual Jan Brett’s illustrations are beautifully done in watercolor medium. Each page is artwork to study and catch each detail.  The umbrella is reminiscent of The Mitten.  This story takes place in the Costa Rican cloud forest. A small boy named Carlos takes his banana umbrella into the forest to look for animals. He puts the umbrella down to climb a tree. Carlos gets his umbrella and walks home wondering why he did not see any animals that day.  Find out what happened in the rain forest that day.

Activity: Before reading the story, have the students  predict what they think happened to the umbrella in the rain forest that day.

Reviewer's Name: Paula Pavon