Treasure Island

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Publisher: The Penguin Group

Publication Date: 1883

Genre: Historical Fiction

Audience: Gr. Young Adult

Overview: Jim Hawkins embarks on a quest for hidden treasure aboard the Hispaniola after discovering Captain Flint’s sea chest which contains a treasure map. As Jim, Squire Trelawney, and Dr. Livesey set sail in search of the secret island, they are unaware of the mutinous pirates led by Long John Silver aboard the ship. This adventure of the high seas is bursting with action and humor.

Activity: Use the novel to introduce a history lesson on piracy. Have students write a chapter 35 in which they explain what Jim chooses to do with his treasure; Or, have students write an essay about what they would do with the treasure if they were Jim.

Reviewer’s Name: Kate Williams