Atlantis: The Legend of a Lost City

Author: Cristina Balit

Illustrator: Cristina Balit

Publisher: http://us.macmillan.com/atlantis

Publication Date: 1999

Genre: Folktale

Audience: Gr. 3+

Overview: This retold tragedy stars the Greek god Poseidon, who watches in horror as the paradise island he had once created is ruined by the selfish humans who live there. The angry Poseidon decides to destroy his creation by stirring his tyrant into the sea to make a wave up to the heavens that would swallow the city whole. The imaginative illustrations bring the story to life.

Activity: Have students imagine what it would be like if there world suddenly disappeared.  Have them write to students of the future about what the world they live in is like and have them include what they hope the world is like in the future. 

Reviewer’s Name: Kristin Gowing