Crab Moon

Author: Ruth Horowitz

Illustrator: Kate Keisler

Publisher: Candlewick Press 

Publication Date: 2000

Genre: Fiction, Concept, Science and Nature

Audience: Gr.1-4

Awards: NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade for Children

Overview: 7 year old Daniel is vacationing at the seashore with his family. On a night of the full moon, Daniel's mother wakes him up to take him to the beach to see the Horseshoe crabs spawning. Daniel sees hundreds of crabs on the beach.  What does Daniel see the next morning when he walks down to the beach? Readers will learn about horseshoe crabs, their history and spawning in a fictional story. The illustrations are done in oils with beautiful detail.  Each page is a two page spread which bring the story to life.

Activity: Have the students write a poem about a horseshoe crab that they found on the beach.

Reviewer's Name: Paula Pavon