Driftwood Cove

Author: Sandra Lightburn

Illustrator: Ron Lightburn

Publisher: Doubleday Canada Limited

Publication Date: 1998

Genre: Children’s Fiction-Literature

Audience: Gr. 3+

Overview: Katelyn and Matthew are visiting their grandparents on the West Coast for the summer. During a camping trip they get lost, but end up meeting a family of squatters. They also live on the West Coast in a home that is made primarily out of driftwood and tree stumps. Katelyn and Matthew are invited into their home and learn how to carve items out of driftwood and what life is like living near the water. They become aware of a lifestyle and environment that is vastly different from their own.

Activity: Have the children write three sentences about their own lifestyle and how it is similar or different from Selena’s.

Reviewer’s Name:
Corri Deegan