Go Away, Big Green Monster

Author/Illustrator: Ed Emberle

Publisher: Little, Brown & Company

Publication Date: 1993

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Audience: Pre-K- 1

Awards: Caldecott Medal

This is a fun read-aloud story that entertains young children and helps them deal with common fears. The book is filled with different die-cuts and boldly colored pages that eventually reveal scary features of a big green monster. Ed Emberley created an imaginative original work that is a friendly way for children to take control over their own monsters or nightmares. The ending phrase, “And don’t come back until I say so,” allows children to be interactive while reading, but also feel confident.

After reading the book to the class, have the students choral read with you and then have them write and illustrate what their big green monster would look like.

Reviewer’s Name:
Corri Deegan