May I Bring a Friend?

Author: Beatrice Schenk De Regniers

Illustrator: Beni Montresor

Publisher: Macmillan

Publication Date: 1964

Award: Caldecott

Genre: Picture Book and Fantasy Fiction

Audience: Gr. Pre-K-3

Overview: The King and Queen ask a little boy to multiple eating functions and each time the boy is asked to join, he asks if he can bring a friend. By the end of the story, you realize where the boy is getting his friends from and then the boy and his friends ask the King and Queen to join them for tea.

Activity: Have each child discuss a place that their best friend and them went to. After each child has discussed their event, have them draw and color in a picture of what their friend and them did.

Reviewer’s Name: Traci Daelemans