Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Publication Date: 2003

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Gr. 4-7

Awards: ALA Newberry Medal, ALA Notable Childrens Books, Buckeye Award

Overview: Marty Preston lives in rural West Virginia with his parents and sister where hunting is a way of life. One day while walking in the wooded hills Marty sees a young beagle that is slinking along as if he has done something bad. Marty decides to keep the dog but he must keep him hidden from his family or the owner might be found. When Marty finds out who the owner is he goes to great lengths to protect the dog and make him his own. What does Marty do to protect Shiloh? Does Marty get to keep him or does he have to go back to his owner?

Activity: Have students read part of the book and write their own ending to share with the class, and then finish the book to see how the author ended the story.

Reviewer’s Name: Paula Pavon