Don’t Call Me Names

Author/Illustrator: Joanna Cole/Lynn Munsinger
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 1990
Genre: Fiction Picture Book
Audience: Gr. Pre-K+

Overview: Nell, a green frog, is afraid of Mike and Joe because they always tease her. She is upset by their harmful words but soon finds Amy, the confident porcupine, and finds comfort in a friend. When faced with Mike and Joe together Amy stands up for Nell and in turn gives Nell a sense of security. Nell is sill weary about the two boys, but when a little mouse named Nicky becomes the brunt of Mike and Joe’s mean jokes, Nell finds the courage to stand up to the boys.

Activity: Have students write letters to Mike and Joe, explaining why teasing and making fun of others is harmful. They should also give tips on how to make friends and be accepting of others that are different than themselves.

Reviewer’s Name: Amanda Sorflaten