Friends of the Heart – Amici Del Cuore

Author/Illustrator: Kate Banks
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication Date: 2005
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Audience: Gr. 4+

Overview: In this coming of age story, Banks captures the complications, discoveries, rediscoveries, and identity searhc of lifelong friends during awkward teen years. Beautifully set in a seaside town in Italy, readers can almost savor the sounds, tastes, and customs of this sensual country, with a glimpse into modern-day Italian life.

Readers may identify with the uncertainties and jealousy of sharing a life-long friend with new friends. The story may offer an opportunity to discuss feelings of insecurity and friendship, jealousy and emotional changes of thirteen-year olds.

Reviewer’s Name:
Deb Marciano