Little Bo

Author/Illustrator: Julie Andrews Edwards / Henry Cole
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Publication Date: 1999
Genre: Chapter Book / Fiction
Audience: Gr. K-3

Overview: Little Bo, a tiny grey kitten, is all alone in the world until Billy appears. Billy and Bo have an instant bond and take off to an adventurous new life together. Billy is a first mate on a fishing boat and takes Bo with him, where they encounter rough seas and a Captain who does not like cats. This is a story of excitement, caring, and everlasting friendship.

Activity: Read aloud (first day). Review the book on second day and write the story.
-Have students write a story about an adventure that includes a pet of their own or one that they would like to have, a place that they would go on their adventure, and how they got to their adventure. Don’t forget to share the stories!

Kimberly Freeman