Sadie and the Snowman

Author/Illustrator: Allen Morgan/ Brenda Clark
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Publication Date: 1985
Genre: Fiction Picture Book
Audience: Gr. Pre-K+

Overview: Sadie goes outside on a cold winter day and makes a snowman in her backyard. She places cookies for the eyes, an apple for the nose, and a great big banana for the mouth. Over time, hungry animals eat the food and the snowman melts down. Sadie is sad that her snowman wasn’t much of a snowman anymore. But, when the next snowfall comes, she rebuilds him using the old snow from the first snowman. As winter continues and the sun begins to warm the earth, Sadie finds herself in a desperate struggle to save what’s left of her snowman. Read more to find out how she saved her snowman from ever disappearing at all!

Activity: Students can act like Sadie and create a snowman of their own, out of cotton balls on a sheet of construction paper. But, unlike Sadie, their snowmen will not melt. Afterwards, encourage them to create directions on how to make a real snowman.

Reviewer’s Name: Amanda Sorflaten