Stuck in Neutral

Author: Terry Trueman
Publisher: Harper Tempest
Publication Date: 2000
Genre: Fiction, Young Adult
Audience: Gr. 4+
Awards: Printz Award

Overview: What must it be like to be so severely disabled that everyone around you thinks you have no thoughts or emotions? Shawn’s gripping story is told from his wheelchair, as he hears, sees, and understands life around him, but cannot communicate. This compelling perspective, forces readers to stop and take a second look at those they often seen as "victims of disability".

Activity: Spend a few minutes trying to relay a message to others with just your eyes. Try to imagine what life would be like without your ability to communicate – not just without a cell phone or computer, but without the ability to use spokenor body language. Sit silently for 1 minute. Can you do it for two? Three?

Reviewer’s Name: Deb Marciano