What the Moon Saw

Author: Laura Resau
Publisher’s Web site: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: 2006
Genre: Fiction Young Adult Novel
Audience: Gr. 4+
Overview: A wonderful, touching story for middle grades. As Marylander, 14 year-old Clara begins to feel a spiritual connection to her Mexican heritage, her grandparents, who she has never met, invite her to spend the summer with them. Although their remote Mexican village is more primitive than she had ever imagined, it feels like home. She quickly adjusts to life without technology, finding a simple, spiritual connection to her grandparents and their life in Mexico. She learns lots about herself, through the stories her Abuelita tells her about her own life as a healer. She begins to appreciate the simple things of life with great joy. A great story to begin readers on a path of their own introspection, appreciation and understanding of a not so well known land.

Activity: During the reading, write brief notes to later recall similarities and differences between Clara’s growing relationship with her grandparents, and your own. What spiritual, sensitive, and caring qualities have your family been able to pass down to you? Think about the traditions of your family. Find out how they evolved.

Reviewer’s Name: Deb Marciano