Title: The Clues to Madrid

Author: Penn Mullin
Publisher: High Noon Books
Publication Date: 1994
Genre: Fiction
Audience: Gr. 2

Overview: An adventurous story about a group of 4 students, Justin, Juan, Amy and Lisa, along with their teacher, Miss Lake, who get a surprise all-expenses-paid trip through Europe from a mysterious Mrs. X. They have to find their way through Europe using clues that Mrs. X has placed along the way. One of the places where the clues lead them to is Spain, where they get to visit some of the best sights, such as Plaza Puerto del Sol and the Prado. They also get to experience one of the most exciting events that Spain has to offer: a bullfight. However, they do not know where the clues will lead them to next.

Activity: Have the children think of another country that they would like to visit. Have them think of some of the attractions there. Once they have a country and attractions in mind, have them write a postcard to a friend or family member about their trip to that country and what they saw and experienced.

Reviewer’s Name: Krista Jensen