Title: The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
Author: Chris van Allsburg
Publisher: http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com
Awards: Caldecott Honor
Publication Date: 1979
Genre: Fantasy, Picture Book
Audience: Gr. 3, 4, 5

Overview: In Chris Van Allsburg’s first picture book, you will meet Alan who volunteers to babysit his neighbor’s mischievous dog Fritz. One day Fritz runs off, forcing Alan to run after him in an effort to catch him. He comes to a sign that says “Garden of Abdul Gasazi, Retired Magician.” When Alan enters the garden, he meets Abdul Gasazi himself. But with his magical abilities, Abdul Gasazi performs a trick on Fritz, which may compromise Alan’s chances of ever dog sitting again.

Activity: Have each student color a picture of a magic trick they would perform if given the chance. Then compile them into a book, titled “ ______’s Class Magic Show.” The students can go back and read through the tricks and remember this creative story.

Reviewer’s Name: Sarah Keister