Title: The Hundred Dresses
Author: Eleanor Estes
Publisher: Harcourt Brace & Company
Publication Date: 1972
Genre: Contemporary realistic fiction. Friendship
Audience: Gr: 4-5

Overview: This book is a moving and touching story, which resembles the different personalities one can find in a school. It talks about bullying, and about forgiveness. It is the story of a girl that was not noticed in school, and the day she left, she was missed by the girls who made fun of her. The little girl, Wanda, has the ability to draw, and she drew 100 different dresses.

Activity: Have the girls in the class draw dresses, and have the boys draw outdoor motorboats for a small contest in class. This will resemble the same contest the kids have in the book. Then have talk and discuss about their reactions towards the different attitudes that the girls have during the book.

Reviewer’s Name: Belen Ubeda