Title: I Remember Miss Perry
Author: Pat Brisson
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Children
Date Published: 2006
Audience: Kindergarten, Gr. 1

Overview: I Remember Miss Perry is a heartwarming story for children, which talks about the death of a very special teacher, Miss Perry. It talks about how Miss Perry made a tremendous impact on her students, and how she helped them out through various circumstances. The impact Miss Perry has on her students helps them go through her death by remembering the amazing things she did with them.

Activity: Throughout the book, Miss Perry uses the sentence “It is my fondest wish that….” in order to get the attention of her students. This makes them believe that Miss Perry was like a fairytale, who had one wish per day. Make children color a fairytale and have them write what their fondest wish is. You can also use this book to approach the theme of death, and help students deal with a difficult loss.

Reviewer's Name: Belen Ubeda