Title: Joseph Had a Little Overcoat
Author: Simms Taback
Publisher: The Penguin Group
Awards: The Caldecott Medal 2000
Publication Date: 1999
Genre: Picture Book
Audience: K-2

Overview: By using watercolor, gouache, pencil, ink, and collage, this beautifully illustrated story tells the tale of Joseph who had a little overcoat, but it was full of holes! When his coat was too old to wear because of all the holes, he decided to make it into something else, something more useful. Then, when that was no good, he made it into something else! As you turn the pages of this book you will see there are holes in it just like Josephs overcoat! As he keeps making new things he begins to notice he soon will have nothing. Then what is he to do? This clever book will have you guessing and wondering what exactly you can make out of nothing.

Activity: Have your students start out with a piece of construction paper. Give them directions to make something out of it using scissors and glue. After making something ask them to create something totally new! You can keep doing this until there is only a little bit of their construction paper left. Then have the students combine what they have to make something completely new!

Reviewer’s Name: Julie Sherwood