Title: Kipper´s A to Z an Alphabet Adventure
Author: Mick Inkpen
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books
Publication Date: 2000
Genre: Alphabet Book
Audience: PreK, K

Overview: Kipper´s A to Z is a great book for helping children learn the alphabet. It is a story about Kipper, the dog, and his friend Arnold. Arnold and Kipper go through the alphabet, collecting different animals, going up and down the hill, drinking juice, and having different adventures. Arnold wants to fit the animals in his box, but finds it difficult to fit them, or keep them in. It is a wonderful book, because it allows children to associate each letter of the alphabet with an animal, thing, activity, nature, and commonly used words.

Activity: Give children a small box, and tell them they can fit anything they want in that box. Each child has to choose something for every letter of the alphabet, make a drawing and write the name of the thing on the bottom of the drawing. Once they finished the drawings, they have to paste their pictures on the box.

Reviewer's Name: Belen Ubeda