Title: The Teddy Bear Picnic
Author: Jimmy Kennedy
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: June 2000
Genre: Fiction, Picture Book, Fantasy
Audience: Gr. Pre-K-2

Overview: This little tale tells a story about a family of teddy bears preparing for a picnic in the woods with their friends. It has a lot of rhyming patterns that will make children want to read the story over and over again so that they can sing along.

Activity: Children can have their own teddy bear picnic outside in a park or backyard. Before the picnic, they each make a teddy bear mask or disguise out of paper plates and crayons or markers to decorate. Children cut out the shape of a face, poking holes for eyes and a mouth, with the help of an adult. They may also want to each bring their favorite treats, books and games to play outside to share with their classmates.

Reviewer’s Name: Amelia Smith