Title: Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly
Author: Alan Madison
Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes
Publisher: Schwartz and Wade Books
Publication Date: 2007
Awards: 2007 School Library Journal Best Book of the Year
Genre: Picture Book, Fiction
Audience: Pre K-2

Overview: This colorful book tells the story of Velma, the youngest of three sisters, who is entering the first grade. Her two older sisters are well known and remembered throughout the school and Velma feels as if she does not belong, until her class goes to the butterfly conservatory for a field trip and a butterfly lands of Velma’s hand and stays there for days! The book has very fun and animated illustrations and teaches a good lesson for younger siblings!

Activity: Teachers could order a butterfly set for the students to watch as caterpillars go through metamorphosis and become butterflies. The students could observe and take notes on the different stages and then release the butterflies when they are fully developed.

Reviewer’s Name: Cailin Eisele