Title: Who Wants an Old Teddy Bear?
Author/Illustrator: Ginnie Hofmann
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 1978
Awards: None
Audience: Gr. 2+

Overview: The character Andy received a present from his grandmother. He was hoping it was a toy rocketship. Once he opened the present he found a teddy bear instead. He was not happy about this present and kicked it aside. He fell asleep and dreamed that he was a present received by a teddy bear family. The young teddy bear opened the present hoping to receive a train set only to find Andy as the present. The young teddy bear kicked Andy aside because he wasn’t interested in Andy. Andy began to cry and the two became great friends. Once Andy awoke from his dream, he fell in love with that old teddy bear.

Activity: Have the children bring to class their favorite teddy bear/toy to share with the class and to talk about them.

Reviewer’s Name: Eliot Hamilton