Title: Art Is…
Author/ Illustrator: Bob Raczka
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Publication Date: 2003
Awards: None
Genre: Non-Fiction, Stories in Rhyme
Audience: Gr. 2, 3, 4

What exactly is art? Is it just paintings and clay sculptures or can it be buildings, clothes, armor, or a stained glass lamp? Bob Raczka really gets children to think about art in a whole new light. Art Is… is a great book that challenges common stereotypes of what art is and can be. Children will have a great time with this book seeing the vast range of different ways to express their creativity.

For homework, have the children find a piece of artwork that they find to be beautiful. Have the child print out a picture of the piece of art that they chose and have them attach a brief explanation of why they enjoyed this piece of artwork. Challenge the students to find a piece of art that they liked that is non-traditional!

Reviewer’s Name:
Tommy Kurtzman