Chadwick the Crab

Author: Priscilla Cummings

Illustrator: A.R. Cohen

Publisher: Tidewater Publishers

Publication Date: 1986

Genre: Fiction Picture Book

Audience: K – 2

Overview: Chadwick is an adventurous Chesapeake Bay blue crab who loves spending time with his fellow Chesapeake marine animals. Chadwick yearns for something new after talking with his friend Bernie the Sea Gull, who traveled to the US Naval Academy and shared his adventure with him and the other animals.  He decides he wants nothing else but to move to the Baltimore aquarium, so he can become a star and start a new life.  This is a fun-loving story of a crab that will stop at nothing to follow his dream.

Activity: After reading the book, discuss Chadwick’s journey and the many different marine animals that were mentioned. Then, have the students write 1-3 sentences about a dream that they have for themselves. 

Reviewer’s Name: Corri Deegan