What Jamie Saw

Author: Carolyn Coman

Publisher: Front Street Books 

Publication Date: 1995

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Gr. 4-6

Awards: Newberry Honor Book

Overview: Jamie hears a cry and wakes up to see his baby sister Nin being thrown across the room by her father Van.  Just in time, Jamie’s mother catches the baby.  Jamie, his mother, and baby sister move to a friend’s trailer in a very remote location in New Hampshire where life is hard, but the family gets by.  The reader will be interested to learn what life is like for the family in the little trailer.  The story is told as experienced by third grader Jamie.  The story is a life like fictional story that many children may be able to relate to.

Activity: Have students write a story as it is experienced by them. This could be a fiction or non-fiction story.

Reviewer's Mame: Paula Pavon