Detective LaRue letters from the Investigation

Author/Illustrator: Mark Teague

Publisher: Scholastic 

Publication Date: 2004

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Pre-K-2

Overview: Hilarious antics of Ike LaRue, dog of the LaRue family who gets blamed for cats who have gone missing while his family is on vacation. Letters are written to Mrs. LaRue from Ike while in jail, who has been wrongly accused of having done something with the cats! Clever Ike escapes from jail to prove his innocence and finds the missing cats. The illustration with the text allows the reader to see where Ike is and what he is getting into. Ike is a great dog with a wonderful ability to write humorous tales of his trials and tribulations while trying to prove his innocence.

Activity:  Students can write a letter as if they are Ike LaRue to their “owners.”

Reviewer's Name: Paula Pavon