A Loon Alone

Author: Pamela Love

Illustrator: Shannon Sycks

Publisher: Down East Books

Publication Date: 2002

Genre: Fictional picture book

Audience: Gr. 1-3           

Overview: A Loon Alone is the story of a baby loon. After almost being swolled by a giant turtle, he mom scares the turtle off and tells her baby to go hide. The baby loon hides in some cattails. He thinks his mom will be back soon, but she takes a long time. In the time waiting for his mom to get back, he decides to explore and try to find her.  This is a good book to teach children the lesson of listening to adults and what might happen if they do not.  It also includes factual information about loons. 

Activity: Have a lesson about disobeying elders

Reviewer’s Name: Sarah Garretson