I Love You the Purplest

Author: Barbara M. Joosse

Illustrator: Mary Whyte

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Publication Date: 1996

Genre: Fiction

Audience: Gr. Pre-K - 2

Overview: Bestselling author of Mama, Do You Love Me? Barbara M. Joose, writes a warm story about a mother’s love for her two sons. Children often wonder which child parents love the most. This story is a warm explanation by the mother of what she loves about each boy, making them equally loved for their individual talents. When the boys want to know who she loves the most, she assigns a color to each boy when she explains what she loves about them. “I love you the bluest” and “I love you the reddest”, together, she loves them the purplest! The illustrations are beautifully done in watercolor medium. All illustrations are a double page spread allowing the reader to feel a part of the very descriptive story. The detail in the illustrations makes them appear to be photographs painted over with watercolor. This is a wonderful book to give each child in a family to remind them of how special each child is in their own way and that the love of a parent is not divided but multiplied.

Activity: Students could write a poem about who or what they love and why.

Reviewer’s Name: Paula Pavon