Loose Tooth

Author:  Lola Schaefers

Illustrator:  Sivlie Wickstrom

Publisher: HarperCollins

Publication Date: 2004

Genre: Picture Book

Grades: Gr. k-2

Overview: With bright and vivid watercolor illustrations, Loose Tooth is a great story to read to children who may have insecurities about their first tooth loss.  The story is about a boy who awakens to find that he has his first loose tooth.  It goes through the emotional rollercoaster a child may have about the mixed confusion and excitement of loosing his or her first tooth.  The young boy is an easy character to relate to, and the bright illustrations make loosing a tooth seem that much less scary.  Great beginner read. 

Activity: Have each child draw a picture of him or herself loosing their first tooth and what they think the experience will be like.

Reviewer’s Name: Sarah Garretson