Miss Spider's Tea Party

Author/Illustrator: David Kirk

Publisher: Scholastic Press Scholastic

Publication Date: 1994

Genre: Fiction, Poetry, Picture Book

Audience: Gr. K-2

Overview: Miss Spider tries to invite others to tea but they all turn her down and she doesn’t understand why. A turning point in her loneliness takes place when she helps out an injured bug and everyone then realizes that Miss Spider is not who they thought she was.

Activity: Ask students how they would decorate the classroom for a tea party. Have them think of one friend, whose not in the class, or family member they would invite to tea and have them decorate an invitation for them. Provide the supplies for them so that they can decorate the classroom as they would for a tea party. After the classroom is decorated, give the students some tea and cupcakes.

Reviewer’s Name: Traci Daelemans